World record crappie white + black crappie

July 3, 2013

World record crappie can give you an idea of how big your fish is in comparison to the world record.

Below is information about the record crappie for both white and black crappie.

This information comes from the International Game Fish Association.

World record crappie (black)

The biggest black crappie on record is a whopping 5lbs. That’s huge in comparison to the normal size of fish you catch.

The angler that caught the record fish was John R. Horstman. He was fishing using a minnow, which is crappies’ preferred bait.

John caught the fish in Missouri, USA. He caught the fish in 2006.

John caught the fishing by casting and not jigging or trolling.

This is interesting because most people tend to jig for crappie. It just goes to show you that there are many ways to catch crappie.

World record crappie (white)

The biggest white crappie on record is an enormous 5lbs 3 oz. Considering many resources say that white crappie rarely get over 2 lbs this crushes any doubt about that they can get over 2 lbs.

The angler that caught this huge fish was Fred Bright. It’s unknown how he caught this fish because Fred caught this hog in 1957. The record still holds to this day.

This record crappie was caught in Enid Dam, Mississippi.

Tips to catch record crappie

Here are some fishing tips to help you catch record-breaking crappies.:

  • Use larger minnows to catch crappie. A good size is 2.5-3 inches.
  • Be persistent.
  • Fish in reservoirs and dams.
  • Fish near heavy cover such as submerged trees.
  • Fish near dropoffs and ledges.

More records?

If you’re looking for more record crappies, check out This site has not only world records, but it also has state records you might enjoy looking at.

They break down the records into a chart, so it makes it easy for you to read through it.

Final thoughts

Record crappies are rare, but they’re out there. You just need to keep at it so you can catch those hogs.

Sometimes all it takes is a little effort and you can catch those big crappie.



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